Mindfulness Matters
for Moms
If I want to cook something new, I can check a recipe. If I want to add a plant to the garden, there are instructions on the seed packet.  If I need to make repairs to my house, there are instructions available.
What about our greatest endeavor, parenting? 
​Raising up young humans is not a task for the faint of heart.  There are no instruction manuals, no recipes, no video tutorials.

My story starts with my eldest, and my attempts to become someone more conscious in my parenting than what I feel I experienced as a child.   I noticed there were certain instances when conflict arose I behaved reactively, ultimately shaming and belittling my young child---exactly the opposite of what I intended for myself as a parent.  

Often, I discovered, early life experiences create an innate "recipe" for parenting that simply repeats past mistakes, sometimes even continuing a chain of trauma that need not be sustained.  When we know better, we do better.

I began the process of discovering what worked and what didn't work, what felt right for us, and what didn't.  In all the trial and error, I made a connection with a specific 3 mode method inherent in all the healing I moved through in order to become the mom I once envisioned myself.

It wasn't an easy journey, and I am still learning and growing every day with this adventure.  I found that I needed to share this process, and so I created Mindfulness Matters for Moms.

I became licensed for spiritual guidance and support (RScP), and facilitation during a challenging 2 year course.  So, I created this mindfulness workshop in order to share my experiences and hope for other moms yearning to fulfill their own original vision.